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A delicious holiday idea
The Styrian camping holiday - a matter of good taste

Styria, Austria’s delicatessen store, whets the appetite for local cuisine wallowing between traditional regional cooking and creative delicacies. 80 toques in 62 gourmet restaurants prove an excellent taste. In between, specialties from A as in “Ausseer” char to Z as in “Zirbenschnaps” (arolla pine schnapps) offer pleasant surprises.

Even though they reach for the white toques more and more frequently and successfully, the Styrians keep their feet firmly on regional ground. Alpine cabins, traditional wine restaurants, village inns and gourmet restaurants are proud of their traditional cuisine and the quality of ingredients. A gourmet tour across Styria does not only lead through most diverse scenic regions, but almost behind every hill it surprises with a different cuisine and new specialties. The sunny south is reigned by apples, wine and pumpkin. The north gets his ingredients from alpine pastures, forests and from the river. Delicious here and there: freshly caught fish, premium ham- and cheese variations, sweet surprises and tasty adventures.

Delightful from north to south

In the northern part of the country, for instance, the „Xeis“-venison specialties, home-made butter on crispy-fresh farmhouse bread and savory “Steirerkaskrapfen“, Styrian crullers filled with cheese, offer unforgettable taste impressions. Who wants to learn more about the art of brewing beer should absolutely visit the breweries in Murau or Göss near Leoben. More than 60 traditional “Mariazeller“ gingerbreads, on the other hand, represent the sweet sides of life – taste them at the gingerbread shop Pirker in Mariazell.

As culinary excursion

destinations in the south of the country, for instance the 25 km long Styrian apple route with its flowerage and fruit splendor or the eight Styrian wine routes with wine farms, wine stores and traditional wine restaurants are alluring. The “wine representa-tives” especially worth experiencing are the “Schilcherwein”(a traditional rose wine) -route, the wine capital Leibnitz or the wine museum Kitzeck. The Styrian oil trail with its oil trail hosts and –mills like the oil mill Hartlieb in Heimschuh, however, promise delicious insights in the secrets of the Styrian “green gold”. Also the vinegar manufacture Gölles in Riegersburg or the “Schoko-Laden-Theater”, which allows an insight behind the glassy scenes of the chocolate manufacture Zotter - also located in Riegersburg - represent themselves in a culinary unique manner.

In the middle of the good life

The 28 most beautiful Styrian camping sites with a comfortable atmosphere, high comfort and a convincing value for money consider themselves as starting point for culinary tours. The operators, who care for their guests very personally, never allow more than 200 pitches, moreover they provide their guests with the best restaurant- and culinary advice, and occasionally, they may even accompany them personally. Thus, people pitching up their “tents” in Styria already are in the middle of the good life.