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A hot holiday tip
Styrian camping holidays in the middle of a world of sparkling wellbeing and delicious enjoyment.

The thermal centers between the Styrian Salzkammergut and Bad Radkersburg in the “Steirisches Thermenland”, the Styrian thermal region, the best of the delicatessen store Austria and the Styrians’ warm hospitality provide refreshing holiday experiences.

In the north of the country with its extensive mountain- and forest regions, marvelous views, crystal clear water and fresh air give new energy. In the south - surrounded by vineyards, cas-tles and palaces - the six thermal bathes absolutely differing in their specializations give en-ergy, joy of living and plenty of variety.

In Bad Waltersdorf, for instance, health, beauty and vitality are in the center of the efforts for feeling good in the 4,000 m2 large thermal spa landscape, the extensive “sauna village”, the daily health program and the wellness park with its well-fit facilities. In Bad Radkersburg, everything revolves around “motion”. In the mobility-check center, doctors, physical thera-pists and vital trainers ensure more fitness and wellbeing. Running tracks, divided in kilome-ters and signposted, organized running- and walking get-togethers as well as active- and vital programs specifically support the physical fitness. The thermal bath Aqua Lux in Fohnsdorf, opened in December 07, considers itself as a center of light for inner balance and new vital energy…

Appetite for the “Genussland”

Styria, the country of pleasure
A day in a thermal bath whets the appetite and Austria’s delicatessen shop is full of ideas and knows how to appease it. In the north mainly with venison specialties, cheese and real plain fare; in the Styrian thermal region with a light, Mediterranean cuisine around apple, wine and pumpkin. Here and there, visiting village inns and gourmet restaurants, alpine cabins, tradi-tional wine restaurants and farm-gate marketers promises special experiences of pleasure. Culinary surprises are also guaranteed by tastings in cheese dairies, e.g. in the region Murau, at the Xeis-venison-hosts of northern Styria, in the oil mills of western Styria and in the wine stores, ham-, chocolate- or vinegar manufactures of southern Styria… From A as in “Ausseer” char to Z as in “Zotter” chocolate; Styria tastes delicious!

Camping: right in the middle of a wonderful life

The Styrian feel-good oases are very easily reachable from almost half of the 28 most attrac-tive local camping sites in total. With 15 to 200 pitches, they offer a particularly personal and comfortable atmosphere. Comfort, standard, the best value for money and the absolutely char-acteristic hospitality of the camping site operators speak for themselves. Guests spending their camping holidays between the Styrian thermal worlds feel in good hands, comprehensively informed and welcome in any case and at any time of the year.

De Stiermarkse thermen tussen de "Steirische Salzkammergut" en Bad Radkersburg in het Thermenland Stiermarken, het beste uit de delicatessenwinkel van Oostenrijk en de hartelijke gastvrijheid van de bevolking zorgen voor verfrissende vakantie-ervaringen.